Demolition / Construction Recycling

Did you know Demolition, Land Clearing, and Construction (DLC) waste can be recycled and reused? Source separated asphalt, asphalt shingles, clean wood waste, painted and treated wood waste, concrete, masonry and rubble, scrap metal, and stumps and large branches can all be recycled here in Prince George! This helps save the environment by reducing the need for new materials. In addition, it also saves the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill valuable airspace, allowing us to operate and accept solid waste longer.

Where to bring your DLC Waste

You can drop off our source separated DLC waste at local recyclers here in town, many charging lower fees than you would pay at the landfill!

What do we mean when we say source separated? Well that means the waste must not contain any sort of contamination or other waste types. For example, source separated clean wood waste means there are not boards that have paint or have treated with adhesives or stains. There is also no other garbage like bags or coffee cups etc., from the construction site. A good example would be a load of clean pallets or a load of lumber scraps.

How to Source Separate DLC Waste

Here are a few helpful tips on starting to source separate DLC waste:

You might be wondering what those materials are used for once they have been removed from your construction site.

Asphalt and asphalt shingles can be crushed and ground up and reused to fill potholes and build new roads. Concrete and masonry can be crushed and used as fill or road base. Clean wood such as dimensional lumber can be reused in buildings, pallets can be reused or can be ground up and used as mulch, hog fuel or composted. Painted and treated wood can be ground up and used as cover at the landfill, or good quality painted and treated wood can be reused in building projects. Metal is sorted into its respective types then processed to make more beams, railings, and cars etc. Stumps and large branches can be chipped and used as mulch or composted.

How Source Separating Benefits You!

You may be thinking, even with the added benefit of knowing that the materials will be recycled and reused, and the tipping fees may be cheaper somewhere else; it isn’t worth the time and energy to source separate the materials. As some added incentive, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George would like you to know that that starting in early 2021, all mixed loads of DLC will be subject to a 50% surcharge. Select wastes will also be subject to surcharges to promote taking the material to other local businesses. For more information, visit or call the Regional District at 250-960-4433.