Upgrades are being made at the pedestrian crossing across Ospika Blvd and Davis Road this week.

The changes will allow pedestrians to use a button to activate flashing lights to alert motorists of their presence at the crossing.

The crosswalk enhancement is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month and similar changes will be made to the crosswalk on Ospika Blvd and 1st Ave later this fall.

Both projects come after PG’s Pedestrian Crossing Strategy was received by Council earlier this summer, which provides a strategy to implement upgrades that have been suggested by the Transportation Association of Canada.

43 of the 202 crosswalks evaluated across the city were recommended for upgrades or installations.

The changes come after the installation of an all-new crosswalk across Massey Drive near Coyle Street and Foot Street by Ginter’s Meadow earlier this year.