As Halloween presents its own set of COVID-19 specific risks this year, the PG RCMP is recommending some new guidelines.

“Make sure that if you are trick-or-treating, to go with people that are members of your family or somebody that’s close to you and not people that you rarely see to avoid COVID contamination,” explained PG RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass.

There are a number of ways residents have already prepared to celebrate Halloween safely, according to Douglass.

“I’m hearing some things about tongs being used to grab the candy out of the container and basically put them into the bags to avoid physical contact,” he said.

In addition, some people will be using piping to drop the candy into from afar and it will slide into the bag.

Police continue to advise the same recommendations as previous years, as Trick-or-Treating presents its own set of risks even without the pandemic.

“Wear bright clothing wherever possible, reflective clothing, have a flashlight when trick or treating in a neighbourhood go down one side of the street first,” added Douglass.

If you opting to skip trick or treating this year, PG is hosting an alternative ‘Candy Cruise’ for residents to celebrate Halloween.