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Recycling Printed Paper and Packaging

Recycling Printed Paper and Packaging

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George wants to help you get the best out of your recycling efforts. The multi-material recycling program offered at Regional District transfer stations is very specific in the materials to be collected and focuses on printed paper and packaging (cartons and containers). Here are a few tips to help in your recycling efforts and ensure that the materials you drop off are recycled.

⦁ Know what you can and can’t recycle

The multi-material recycling bin is set up to collect mixed paper in the larger section and cartons and containers in the smaller section. Containers, cans, jugs, drink cups as well as letters, envelopes, magazines, flyers, and printed paper are accepted.

Not all plastic containers belong in the recycling bins. Beverage containers with a deposit need to go to an Encorp depot for refund. Containers for motor oil and antifreeze are part of the BC Used Oil Management Association recycling program.

For a detailed list of items accepted in the Regional District’s Multi-Material Recycling Bins view the recycling brochure or visit Attendants at the transfer station are always available to answer your recycling questions. If you are unsure if an item can go in the bin, rather than tossing it in and hoping for the best, ask the attendant.

⦁ Steps to take at home to make recycling easier

⦁ Empty containers and give them a quick rinse to ensure that all the contents are removed
⦁ Flatten all boxes and remove any liners or packing material
⦁ Sort the material by those that go in the mixed paper section and those that go in the cartons & containers section
⦁ Use a tote or re-usable shopping bag, one for mixed paper and one for cartons and containers
⦁ Have a third tote for those items that are Recycle BC depot-only materials

⦁ Know which items are Depot only

⦁ Glass – non-deposit glass bottles and jars (do not include drinking glasses or dishware)
⦁ Styrofoam – foam trays used for meat and produce, foam clamshells, cups and take out containers, as well as foam cushion packaging
⦁ Plastic Bags and Overwrap – produce, grocery, bread, dry cleaning, bulk foods and frozen vegetable bags. Outer bags and wrap – for diapers, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper and paper towels
⦁ Flexible plastic packaging – zipper lock and stand-up pouches, flexible packaging with plastic seal, crinkly wrappers and bags, woven plastic bags. As well as non-food protective packaging
For more information on what is accepted at a Recycle BC Depot visit

Items collected in other recycling programs

There are over 20 stewardship programs available in BC. is great resource for all your recycling needs and even has a search engine for recycling locations for everything from batteries and electronics, to tires and fridges.

The Recycling Council of BC also has a mobile app to find your closest recycling location – Recyclepedia. Download it now at the App Store or at Google Play.






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