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Vanderhoof resident takes issue with SD 91 no longer acknowledging Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

“It’s wokeism.”

Those are the words of Vanderhoof resident Dan Brooks after obtaining a leaked email that School District 91 will no longer acknowledge Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The letter also mentioned it would reference terms, which include all types of family situations.

Brooks stated it was sent by W.L. McLeod Principal Libby Hart and the approach from the school board is out of touch.

“I understand what they are trying to do but there are many problems with how they are doing it and the way, in which they are doing it. For example, this is a leaked document, they are not even telling parents that they are doing this – they cancelled Mother’s Day and they are upset we found out about it.”

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“It’s wokeism and it’s really harmful to those families and the children. It’s not really being inclusive, what it’s really doing is tearing down the traditional family and it’s trying to say we don’t want to honour that anymore.”

He added while a leaked email is normally never a good thing, an issue such as this is a rare exception.

“I’m glad it was leaked because parents have a right to realize what is happening in our school district. They are teaching a new philosophy of wokeism and as far as I am concerned it does not belong in our schools – it should be addressed and parents need to know that at the root of all this is a school board, which has eventually gone woke.”

“The school board has decided essentially that they have an agenda, they are not willing to communicate with parents, leaving us out of this decision-making process. Really, they are attacking mothers and I don’t know of many things more sacrosanct in our society than that of motherhood.”

Brooks said with civic elections coming up in October, these are the types of issues to remember when voting for change within SD 91.

The Vanderhoof product is the former leader of the Conservative Party of British Columbia but was ousted in October of 2016 after the party found a technicality five weeks after their leadership vote in September.

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