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Compost Awareness Week 2023

Compost Awareness Week is just around the corner, and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (RDFFG) is getting ready to celebrate!

About Compost Awareness Week 2023

Compost Awareness Week takes place annually in the first full week of May, and this year, the focus will be on how you use compost in your gardens. Composting is an important part of sustainable gardening, and the RDFFG is committed to promoting this practice, so we’re asking you to share photos of your gardens and how you’re using compost to prepare for the upcoming growing season.

How to Celebrate

In preparation for the week-long event, NorGrow compost will be available for sale starting May 1st. NorGrow compost is a high-quality product made from locally sourced organic materials, including leaves, branches, grass clippings, and other yard and garden waste. It is an excellent soil amendment for gardens and plants as it is nutrient-rich and helps to improve soil fertility and promote healthy plant growth.

Additionally, from May 8th to 13th, REAPS will also be hosting a variety of workshops and demonstrations that focus on composting and sustainable gardening practices. These events provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about composting and get involved in sustainable gardening practices. For more information about those events visit

The David Douglas Botanical Garden Society is also hosting a few events: a tomato plant sale on May 6th at the Prince George Farmers’ Market and their annual plant sale on May 21st and 22nd at the DDDBGS Compound up at UNBC.

Get Social with Us & Show Off

The social media campaign during Compost Awareness Week is a fun way to get involved in the event and share your gardening successes. Simply take a photo of your garden and how you are using compost then share it on social media with the hashtag, #CompostAwarenessWeekRDFFG. You can also tag the district’s social media accounts, so they can share your photos with others.

By participating in Compost Awareness Week and the social media campaign, you can help to promote sustainable gardening practices and raise awareness about the benefits of composting. So, get ready to share some photos of your garden, and how you’re using compost with the world!




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