Workers on site at North Star Inn & Suites | Kyle Balzer, My PG Now

Anyone who has been near the old Connaught Motor Inn may have seen a change.

The sign in front of the building now reads North Star Inn & Suites.

“Connaught Motor Inn, that name is from day one, everybody knows about the Connaught Motor Inn,” explains new owner Ron Mundi.

“That name, or the reputation, is not that great so it’s to start everything fresh.”

Originally purchased in March, Mundi has looked into making improvements to the once popular site.

“The lobby is completely done, almost 30 rooms are fully ready to rent, and the fire department did their inspection [Tuesday] and it looks good on their side,” he explains.

“I’m waiting on the City for a business licence and I hope I get the business licence [Wednesday] or [Thursday].”

The only piece of the puzzle still with a question mark is the restaurant. Mundi says there are interested tenants, including a local restaurant owner, but nothing is set in stone. He also notes there is a chance whoever moves into the vacated restaurant spot may want to renovate, which would delay its opening.

As for the inn itself, when will it open?

“If everything goes well then the property will be in business within a day or two, with 24 to 30 rooms and the lobby, we will continue to open more rooms every week we hope to add ten to 15 rooms.”

Mundi says all 96 rooms are expected to open no later than June 30th, 2018.