Enbridge recently issued an update on their progress in repairing a pipeline that ruptured 13.5 kilometres north of Prince George yesterday evening.

The incident, which caused an evacuation of around 100 people from the Shelley Reserve, also incited a message from FortisBC, who asked residents to be frugal in their use of natural gas until the rupture can be repaired.

Enbridge tweeted:

“The BC Pipeline comprises of two pipelines, a 36-inch and a 30-inch, that run parallel to each other. Both pipelines were shut down following the rupture on the 36-inch line. Safety is our top priority and we are working diligently to return the 30-inch line to service to ensure that gas supply reaches customers. We are diligently assessing the safety and integrity of the 30-inch line.”

“We are also working with industry partners on sourcing alternate supplies of gas to meet demand.”

“Approximately 100 members of the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation evacuated as a precaution following the incident. We are assisting these community members, some of whom are returning to their homes today and others will be returning tomorrow. At this time, a 1km evacuation zone from the rupture site remains.”


Enbridge was not available for comment as of this publication.