The MBA for working professionals

With demand on today’s working professionals, a principle focus at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is to provide its Master of Business Administration (MBA) students with skills immediately applicable to their career while they attend a full-time program that makes balancing work and school easier.

Why choose the MBA with UNBC?

Offered in both Vancouver and Prince George, with classes scheduled just one weekend per month, students are able to attend their courses in either location, allowing them to develop a schedule around their work needs, travel requirements, or learning preferences.

The MBA is a full-time, multi-disciplinary degree that takes just 21 months to complete, as opposed to the majority of Master’s programs that take two full years. As a multi-disciplinary program, it motivates professional growth in various relevant fields, and students are able to develop the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in management, or build their own business.

What are students saying?

“The program structure had all the things I needed. As a project manager, you have to know the laws, you have to manage people, you have to make strategic decisions. The UNBC course met all these needs and more. The amount of course topics and the way it was structured, so I could continue in my career, was perfect for me.”

– Siddharth Minz, Grad Class 2018

“The MBA has helped me refocus my energy and time to what is relevant to my business and helped me get a promotion. The MBA is a tool that will help you in any business to do things smarter. It’s a safe environment to try your argumentative self, to come out of your shell, to do things you are not normally comfortable with and be outside of your comfort zone.”

– Sylvain Godbout, Grad Class 2017

Exceptional students.

Unlike most MBAs, the MBA with UNBC allows for Exceptional Application. Meaning that prospective students are not obligated to possess an undergraduate degree. The program may accept applicants to the program who are able to prove ‘exceptional’ work experience and expertise in a leadership role.

Graduates of the program consistently stress that the greatest advantage of completing their MBA is the new perspectives and skills they learned from being in a classroom with expert peers and instructors from a range of backgrounds. Students found they benefitted most from small class sizes and participation in projects with colleagues from a diversity of sectors that include technology, manufacturing, resource extraction, health care and education.

Get your application in for 2019

To attend next year’s MBA, UNBC suggests you have your application in by Dec. 15, 2018. Visit to learn about admission requirements and begin your application process, or contact the program directly via email at [email protected].