Time To Change Your Tires

Spring is here!  And with it, comes the celebratory changing of the Winter Tires.

OK … it’s not so much of a celebration as it is a necessity.  So, how many winter seasons have you gotten out of your current winter tires?  Take a look at the tread.  Some say you can get 6 seasons… Others Say 10 seasons, max.

If you’re on your last Winter season … What do you do with your old tires?

You only need 1 to make a tire swing, right?

Oh … no tree strong enough to hang a tire from?

Then, will you keep all 4 just lying around in the yard?

Or 8, if you are one of the average 2 vehicle families?

Breeding Ground

Some people do.  So their old, unusable tires end up becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  Or simply eyesores. Who wants a yard full of old tires?  Get rid of them.

Or Better yet … take advantage of Recycling your tires.
You’ve already paid for it.  So use it.

What have you been paying for?

Since 2007,  Tire Stewardship B.C. collects an eco-fee on every new tire sold, and these funds are then used to pay for transporting and recycling of B.C. generated scrap tires in an environmentally responsible way. Tire Stewardship BC is the only approved stewardship plan for collecting and recycling residential scrap tires.  Check out www.tsbc.ca

Taking old tires to a landfill does nothing to help the environment.  But Approximately 80 to 90% of all scrap tires collected through Tire Stewardship BC are recycled into reusable products. The majority of recycled tires are ground down into granules with the steel and fibre removed.

Recycling Tires Into Something Useful

What is ground up tire rubber used for?  A variety of reusable products including running tracks, synthetic turfs, flooring and mats for agricultural and industrial use, and colored landscaping mulch. The rest of the tires are used as a fuel additive for the cement and pulp and paper industries.

Heavy Lifting For A Better Environment

Did you know that Approximately 50,000 tonnes of scrap tires are collected annually? This equates to about one car tire for every person in B.C. But there are tires that are not collected because they are not returned.  Don’t take tires to landfills. 

Recycle The Right Way

If you’re switching Tires today, Recycle them the right way.  There are over 20 locations in Prince George where you can drop off tires for recycling.  Leave your old ones at the shop where you are buying your new ones, or drop off up to 4 tires of common vehicle sizes, cleaned and off rim, during participating retailer’s business hours.  You can do this once a day.

For more information about tire recycling, or where you can take orphaned tires, please visit www.tsbc.ca or www.sortsmart.ca

Tire Stewardship BC - New value for old tires

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