Despite ongoing protests and acts of civil disobedience throughout the province, the RCMP has announced an end to ‘major enforcement operations’ along the Morice West Forest Service Road, near Houston.

As of 3:45 P.M. today (Tuesday), the RCMP’s exclusion zone has been removed, according to an official release.

Police have stated patrols will continue throughout the area to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.

Additionally, the Community Industry Safety Office, first established in January 2019, will remain.

In an official statement, Premier John Horgan was supportive of the protests, while remaining critical of acts of civil disobedience throughout the province, saying: “British Columbians have the right to peaceful protest. We support people in the exercise of their democratic rights – within the law.”

The RCMP echoed his sentiment, stating: “The right to peaceful, safe and lawful protest, and freedom of expression, are important parts of Canada’s democracy. However, blocking roadways is both dangerous and illegal.”

John Horgan’s complete announcement can be viewed here.