As healthcare workers across the country are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, social-distancing civilians are doing what they can to support them.

Every night at 7 pm, residents of different cities take to their patios for a round of applause and cheering to show their appreciation for those working in healthcare.

Inspired by Italians singing on their balconies during their country-wide lockdown, Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver are putting their own spin on things.

One woman is starting the movement in Prince George.

“You need to get out on your patios, you need to make noise, you need to honk your horns, bash pots, and pans, cowbells, whatever you need!” said Dawn Dunbar, a housekeeper at the University Hospital of Northern BC.

“I’m hoping to get everyone together, so we will see, I’m hitting the neighbourhood tonight!”

Dunbar plans to keep the cheers going ‘every night until Covid is done.’