Sarah Beaudry in an international biathlon competition | Team Canada

Three Prince George girls and one from Fort St. James (FSJ) have finished their events at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Through not much fault of their own, Megan Tandy, Meryeta O’Dine, and Jamie Macdonald (FSJ) felt a variety of emotions that included agony, disappointment, and heartbreak.

On the other hand, Sarah Beaudry experienced joy, elation, and satisfaction.

Part of Beaudry’s good fortune came at the expense of Tandy, her good friend and teammate.

The 23-year-old Duchess Park grad started as an alternate on the women’s Canadian Biathlon team, but got her chance to excel when Tandy came down with a nasty fever which kept her bedridden for a few days.

Beaudry relished the moment and came thru with flying colors by finishing 29th out of 87 athletes in the 15k individual race on February 15th.

She was the second of four Canadians.

The coaches took note and a week later picked Beaudry over Tandy, despite being fully recovered from her illness, to take the lead leg in the women’s 4×6-kilometre Relay on Thursday.

Canada finished 10th out of 18 teams.

Tandy, competing in her third Olympic Games, could not hide her sadness in having one last Olympic hurrah taken away, but the 29-year-old DP Todd Secondary grad was a class act in supporting her teammates.

“I am feeling more than a little heartbroken that I won’t be starting (Women’s Relay),” she said in a Facebook post a couple of days ago.

“My illness last week cost me a lot; two of my individual starts and now, without having had the chance to prove myself in the Individual race, my opportunity to start the relay and post-Olympic World Cups as well.”

“I am a positive person and like to focus on the things I CAN change (so not the coach’s decisions or having been sick) but since I am back to full health it is tough to swallow nonetheless.”

“Regardless, tomorrow (Thursday) I will be on course cheering my heart out for our girls with a smile on my face and the maple leaf on my back!”

Tandy did get one chance to compete ending up 57th out of 87 in the 7.5-kilometre Sprint on February 10th.

The 20-year-old O’Dine arrived in South Korea a legitimate medal contender in the women’s snowboard cross.

She is top Canadian and sixth in the world rankings in that event, but will have to wait until Beijing 2022 for a taste of Olympic competition.

O’Dine suffered a minor concussion in training just a day before she was scheduled to compete.

Here is the official statement from the Canadian Olympic Committee:

“Canadian athlete Meryeta O’Dine will not compete in ladies snowboard cross due to injury. O’Dine fell during practice on February 14th, and was diagnosed with a concussion. She was evaluated by both Team Canada’s chief medical officer Dr. Bob McCormack and team doctors before the decision was made that she could not complete.”

O’Dine quickly accepted the reality of the situation and offered these comments at the time.

“I’m grateful to have the Team Canada medical staff behind me to make the right decision. It’s disappointing to not compete but it’s the right call for my health. As an athlete you’re always going to want to push yourself but it’s important to draw the line when needed. I’m proud to have made it this far, and you’ll see me back at the Olympics for Canada and for myself, in four years time.”

Jamie Macdonald was a good bet to bring home a medal as one of five members of the Canadian women’s short track 3000-metre relay team.

Canada captured silver in the women’s 3000-metre relay in the three prior Olympics.

The 23-year-old Macdonald competed in Heat One on February 10th, where Canada placed second to qualify for the final.

A coach’s decision had Valerie Maltais replace Macdonald in the final on Tuesday.

The disappointment did not end there for Macdonald, who watched her teammates lose a medal (along with China) for a disqualification after a massive collision during the finals of the event.

Macdonald did participate in one individual race, the women’s 500-metres on February 10th, where she is ranked sixth in the world.

Unfortunately, that quickly ended when she crashed in the preliminary race.

Sickness for Tandy, injury for O’Dine, and a crash for Macdonald… an unfortunate set of circumstances, yet Beaudry, who was on a waiting list, shined when called upon.

Prince George to PyeongChang is 7,800 kilometres.

There is a 17-hour time difference, however, through various sources of media, it hasn’t seemed that far away in the past two weeks, especially when an interested observer gets a sense of the roller coaster of emotions felt by the hard working Northern BC girls on the Canadian Olympic team.



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