Photo Courtesy UBCM/Twitter

The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) board has approved a resolution to help stop Greyhound Buses from ending services in Northern BC.

Voted a unanimous ‘yes’ by UBCM delegates, the next step is to now present the case to Greyhound’s Vice-President of Western Canada operations.

Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall, however, says there’s now a very small window of opportunity.

“Greyhound has already submitted their application proposal to the BC Transportation Board, but we want to make sure that Greyhound really understands the impact this will have from community to community.”

He adds this expresses confidence moving forward with the process.

“You always want the support of the UBCM delegates and we’ve certainly got overwhelming support. So we’re very pleased with that and the next step is to meet with Greyhound as this coming together very quickly.”

Hall says he and other Northern mayors met with Transportation Minister Claire Trevena Wednesday night to verbalize their concerns.

Talks with Greyhound are expected to begin in mid-October.