It’s back to the drawing board for a new medical marijuana supplier.

Monday night City Council rejected the temporary placement of a medical marijuana distributor on Nicholson street next to the Salvation Army.

Council members expressed concerns about having marijuana stored in an area with so many young people.

“The city already has operations in the zoning that we were looking for that are conducting business of growing and distributing medical marijuana” said John Stiles who is one of two partners trying to get the business up and running. “I guess I’m just a little confused by some of the remarks.”

The decision comes as a setback to the business that will have to meet requirements from both the city and the Federal Government before opening.

“We’ve actually been working with the City for over a year and a half trying to appease their concerns” said Stiles. “Health Canada’s process is onerous to say the least.”

Stiles says he will continue working with the city to try and find a location the two sides can agree on.